Why Build a Community of Developers?

by Blake Ruwali, 16th Jul, 2020

With more than 18 million professionals worldwide, developers are an expanding community. There are tens of millions more who are interested in software development and engineering. Other than great pay compared to other professions, passion is the strongest factor that attracts people to this profession and enables them to help businesses towards Digital Transformation.

Every marketer has a dream to create a developer platform that functions on its own. There isn’t a way to design a developer community as it is something that forms on its own but businesses can take steps towards building it. A developer community is a growth hack for products as developers help products developer into platforms. However, successful products need more than just developers and ideas. It needs customers who can bet on it and in addition, a Developer Community.

So, how does a developer community help to grow a product?

Developers spend a tremendous amount of time in a developer community they love. When thousands of these developers contribute their time in discussion in these communities, an improvement to the product or a solution to a problem could easily be fixed. Other than that, this community of developers helps companies and product owners by removing their restrictive thinking and introducing them to new ideas and solutions.

A developer community helps new members grow. It provides accurate content and supports new members. Often, the documentation of product isn’t enough. A developer community can act as a knowledge base where are new members can view solutions to their problem or an alternate for it.

Market positioning is another aspect where a developer community can help a product. A developer community, in its maturity, can help position a product to the right target market. Moreover, it also helps differentiate itself from other products.

There are limitless possibilities in a market if you could position yourself to be considered authorities on a subject. If you can develop a developer community where professionals can turn to when they need it, it could help to grow your product tremendously.


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