by Manish Singh, 12th Jul, 2020



MangoNepal.com website is the one-in-all useful resource destination for Nepalese residing in the US and can be utilized by others throughout the world. It is a concept where professionals from different backgrounds can write about their experience in the professional workplace, social injustice, inequality, job opportunities, and so on. We also have a Mentorship program from real professionals from various fields. We are trying to unite diverse professionals in one platform. With their wide range of experiences, they can inspire, motivate, and give back to our community.


One of the visions of MangoNepal is to serve as a networking platform for Nepalese professionals from various backgrounds. Professionals from different work fields can sign up for mentorship programs, educational guidance, career guidance, networking, and many other possible opportunities. This cross-sectional interaction will help uplift our Nepalese youth, professionals, community, and the nation itself.


Our Community lacks personal storytelling from the professionals who have done that and been there.  Though blogging their experience, it will resonate with many young professionals and help them uplift their motivation and career at the same time. Young Nepalese talents are constantly looking for opportunities in various work disciplines. MangoNepal can facilitate a kick-start by connecting them with someone who has been in their shoes with a similar background. A professional engineer who arrived on an F-1 Visa and then completed internships gained professional experience in the work industry can advise a freshly graduated student in a similar field. They can advise fresh batch on the current skill sets in demand, guide them on preparing for the workforce, and help them step into the work industry. MangoNepal can also help find professionals such as accountants, lawyers, doctors, IT personnel, and so on with Nepalese background for their specific needs. We believe with mutual cooperation, support, help, and we all can plan future endeavors smoothly.


We have highly qualified subject matter experts with a Ph.D. degree to help our community on a rotational availability.  We encourage anyone who can inspire and motivate our youths to become our mentor. You can contribute as little as an hour per month. Future plans of collaborating mentors, mentees, and other organizations by brainstorming ideas and concepts that will solve real-life problems will be highly encouraged over time. 



  • Expression and communication of relatable experience through write-ups
  • Mentorship Program
  • Cross-sectional networking

Available Resources:

  1. Articles/Blogs
  2. Educational statistics of users
  3. Mentorship
  4. Resources for everyday life encounter


Technical Support:

     Developers: 1) Manish Singh.                        Interns: 1) Bhuwan Shrestha           

                           2) Kiran Neupane                                      2) Mirage Nepal


An initiative by Manish Singh:

Manish is from Kathmandu and came to the states in 2009 as an F-1 student. He has graduated from McNeese State University, concentrating in Biochemistry and Mathematics. He completed his Master’s in Public Administration in Healthcare and Public Policy from Baruch College, NYC. He was an elected Vice-President of graduate student assembly(GSA) at Baruch College-CUNY and President of American Chemical Society chapter at McNeese State University. He is a United States Army Veteran who has worked for the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) as a Paralegal, US Army Corp of Engineers as an Economist, and Mango Consulting as a Data Analyst. Currently, Manish is working on his second master's in Data Science at Fordham University , New York, NY.





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