by MAHESHWOR DHITAL, 2nd Sep, 2020



You had promises— unspoken, yet sussed to keep.


You had poem in your heart, your eyes seekth poetry in every corners, in every transforming light, disappearing shadows.


I have been a sincere foodie who read poems.

Next to poetry, I travelled Australia and decided to join hospitality course.

Fortunately, I met a chef who offered me the opportunity I’ve been looking for a while. 


He knew the demands that toughen wounds. He kept inspiring me to keep up with Chefs’ responsibilities.


In the service hours, the lights are blaring warm, you can overhear laughter, some groups cheering happy birthdays, children giggling, some waiting for their favorite dish, hot steams rising, tongs clasping, your team calling dish names in rhythm of docket machine printing.


It is ceremonious.


And when you are cleaning up, compliments shower like rainfall in a river that feels like something missing has been delivered.


What did I do?
I did what was needed to be done without hesitation. I Watched, I listened! I acted accordingly. I keep watching, listening and keep acting!








When there is no one to notice and you don’t mind;

Is a spring night, slow walk with a smile, moon-softened heart,


Perhaps sloppy self-talks that tease, tap or tout you

Saxophone that frisks fragrance of wild flowers,


And while an owl swoops on silvery sky, its silhouette against full moon

While you’re blithely baffled by soothing breeze,


And while, moonlit stream sings serene for a soul’s surrender,

While you’re awake to swing all those hidden— in your daydreams,


When there is no one to notice and you don’t mind,

Is a trust- unmoved, intimacy about faith you followed


Perhaps a journey of carefully

closed eyes towards hidden home — a stillness,

Perhaps a walk behind the voice you relied upon in womb


And while the distance delights with doubtless bliss

While you roar, roll and ride risks.


And while you sigh slow and deep treading your path

While you move forward fabulously






Maheshwor is fakir.  He loves to dance around fire in the deep forest of your dream, to the music of wild night. 

 He lives in Echuca along side murray river. He is from the himalayas of Nepal, Kathmandu.


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