Choices and Consequences

by Sanish Maharjan, 27th Aug, 2020

Choices and Consequences 


“And while the youthful hue sits on thy skin like morning dew” Though it was addressed to a young woman by Andrew Marvell oh his poem “To his Coy Mistress “ I was fascinated by it. Youth is the prime time of anyone’s life where you can decide what you want to do from a huge cluster of choices and you also have an equivalent amount of energy thriving to pursue it. You’re young and you’re ready to rule the world, at least your own. Dreaming and making it happen. Just an exciting time!


This was not the case for me when I was in my prime. Having all the fun, spending times with friends exploring, traveling,  doing all the things we’d feel like doing, good and bad, right and wrong, making our life an adventure. Living a life full of color and vigor. But somewhere deep down I was stressed. Stressed regarding the fear of my career and future. A bright student after finishing 10th grade without a clue of what I want to do in life anything related to science. Little did I know that I was still a captive of social jail. A scared child to dream wild and take the leap. Stuck in a dilemma of what I want and what I should do. Living with it every day. 


The friction intensified as I dragged myself to level up with the expectations of society. Until a day came, rather, the day, when I felt the urge to use this valued virtue of youth to choose how you want the life ahead of you can be. And just like that, I stopped then and there, my long years of science and maths studies. I enrolled in Fine Arts. It was that simple. Just a decision of a moment, just a simple choice. But I had to wait for years to execute this simple choice of my own.


Now 10 years have passed, When I think about it in my leisure, still a faint smile crosses my lips and I sigh with relief. I look around and it’s all beautiful!  Doing what you want does make you happy. A Simple philosophy for happiness, easier said than done? or is it??


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